Tuesday, November 3, 2009

some decisions

i wondered for a very long time how it was possible to lose several pounds, not just 2-3 but tens of it in one week? without great application of mind i tried out the maths of it all and for the life of me i couldnt see how it was done. and then the light-bulb moment...i thought i would write that down here so some neednt reinvent the wheel so to speak...

see its basically like this: supposing i am very heavy and have been consuming a lot of calories and not really been moving as much as I should have been in order not to put on more weight, then what happens when i decide to go on a diet and start walking for say 30 mts a day?

where i have been consuming 5000 cals, say a day, my intake drops to 1500 since i am on a diet.. the difference of 3500 cals which my body suddenly doesnt get but is used to has to come from somewhere and since i am not supplying that, the body takes it from its reserves.

secondly the 30 minute walk would cost me something like 150 or so cals maybe even more- that too has to come either out of what i am consuming or from the store house that is my body...so we have a daily deficit of about 3650 calories, a clear one pound...think of the water loss and if one also went on an exercise regime....thus it would be possible for me to lose a lot of weight in the early part of my diet programme- so i could see how it is possible to lose a lot of weight if one was seriously overweight. but as i lose weight and get slimmer and there is less body to sustain and the calorie deficit is not as huge, then is when i find i am not losing as rapidly as i used to, and then is when i start hitting plateaus...

and that is exactly what happened too, you know... i was 69.5kgs, and in the first four months i happily lost about 6 of them with seemingly no difficulty.. since then it has been all uphill...

with my current bmr of 1300 cals, and a moderately active life style, if i go overboard even at a single meal, i am set back by a week.. so at this point of time portion control, and physical activity is something i just cannot afford to lose sight of.. of i can forget about losing..

what i have done is this: i have made some decisions such as:
1. not to skip breakfast..but not to gorge, at the same time.
2. a mid morning/mid afternoon snack is a must.
3. no eating heavy dinner.. preferably not after 730 pm anyway.
4. log 10,000 steps, minimum, everyday.. it would be ideal to log 15,000.
5. jog for 20 mts a day.
6. stationery cycling-40 mts a day.
7. calorie-burn on extra exercise should be 600 everyday... they can be through walking, jogging, cycling, anything.. but that 600 must be done.
8. try, try, try, not to eat more than 1600 calories.. that plus an error allowance of 10% would take it to 1800 cals/day almost.
9. no rice after 6 pm.. not even idlis/dosas even though they are "light tiffin items"

i hope all these show results... i have managed to lose 10 kgs and have another 7 to go.. oh but it is so difficult not to eat!! i could walk eternally, but where is the time for an office goer?

still.. it took a long time for the fat to come.. i shouldnt fuss that it is taking a long time to go!!

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