Thursday, June 11, 2009

a simple recipe-poha

here is a simple recipe made of 'poha' (beaten/pounded rice, aval)

for best results, use hand pounded rice. machine pounded is also ok, but you need to be really quick in working with it, coz it can end up very gooey.

ok, here goes.

wash a cup of poha a couple of times till the water runs clear. drain in a collander or in a largishchai ki channi (and if u dont have that either, then just an ordinary chota channi, or just use your fingers as a sieve, for heaven's sake, u need only to drain the water!!).keep aside.

add a quarter tsp of salt and a pinch of turmeric. (there you go again; turmeric powder if you dont have, then what to do? make it optional. its just that the powder gives the poha such a pretty colour!!)

now add a teaspoon of fresh lime juice, and mix well.

voila! ur poha is ready to eat! goes well with dahi u know. if you add the dahi and skip the lime juice and turmeric powder, u can mistake the whole thing for thayir saadam.

making time? 5 minutes, max? i should think so.

ensai, as we say in kollywood!!

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