Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The NOS Diet

hi!i have been ping-ponging in so far as weight loss is concerned. somewhile ago, maybe a month or so ago, i remembered that i had, a long time ago read about a diet called a NO S diet; since nothing seemed to be working for me, i thought i would read up a bit on this new diet and see if it would help me. i have been at it for the past four weeks, and here are the results.
in terms of weight loss as such, counting in pounds and grams, i may not have done all that great... i didnt weigh in before starting this new diet... but i do know what other benefits i have derived.
mainly, i used to constantly, constantly think of food..i think i was mostly semi starved, and so right after breakfast my dreaming of food would begin, planning the next meal, the next snack and so forth, and worrying i would overshoot my calorie allowance and consume too many fat calories and so forth... but now, once i am done with breakfast, i do not think about food... it is not something i am doing consciously.. you know what i mean? i am not persuading myself not to think about food, its just that i dont need to think about lovely delicious things anymore with guilt and longing!! the no sweets and no seconds on n days has, now officially, become a habit..while i dont miss sweets at all, i of course, do miss chocolates and ice cream, but you know what? a s-day is always only 5 days away at the most...so if my mind wanders to chocolate or icecream, i just tell myself that i would treat myself to it next s day.. and like a child really, i am satisfied. today i have started the third s also.. no snacks. the light bulb moment occured a few minutes ago.. i dont really have to give up on those things either.. i will just add it to my plate either at bf or at dinner.. i know it is going to be dinner...
well, for a few days i guess my dinner plate is going to be ghastly loaded. but never mind, once i reassure myself that even ompodi/mixture/thattai are accessible and are snacks only when eaten in-between meals, i am sure the plate will ligthen.
i am able to eat well and everything in parties.. eating out is no longer cause for heart burn...i do look a glutton when i take a plateful of food, it does look horridly loaded, but i dont go back for a second helping..my colleagues during our official lunches-out have begun to notice that...and also that i do not help myself to any quantity of the sweets or icecream served. since i am not "on diet" as usual, i dont need to give out a lot of explanations nor have my leg pulled for always being on a diet!!
at this point of time, i must be aware of the virtual plate and not allow that to become a habit!!

my obsession to lose weight is gone (i think). certainly, i have begun to believe that if i continue with this, that very thing is going to happen. and wont that make me ecstatic?!!
wish me luck, all!!

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