Friday, September 12, 2008

Walking to New Delhi

Folks, I live in Chennai that was Madras, in Tamil Nadu, in India and I have decided to walk to New Delhi our capital city! Well, not exactly that... you know I keep reading hazaar things on the net about people in America walking around the world, from one end of the country to another and stuff like that.. the walking clubs etc!! The 'America on the Move' stuff... I am kind of inspired by that and have decided to set myself this goal.... Walk the distance to Delhi, to start with and take it from there... 1749 kms/1087 miles. Thats going to take 300 days give or take a few days.. I do try to put in at least 6 kms a day, more on holidays. Delhi Chalo! Will keep you posted on developments.. must chart out the route etc. I am planning a trip to Rome come October, do you think any walking that I do there would count toward this DC walk? Should na, after all this is some kind of 'virtual walk'. I am looking forward to this.


rahu said...

Vanakam mami ,
Amazing piece of reading.
Walking to delhi from chennai in 300 days :) ,so 300 days away from home a,daily cooking panna time save panna tane inda yosanai :)

Manjula Rangarajan said...

vanakkam to you rahu!
puriyalayay. never mind, most things go over my head anyway, these days..
just to sort out, i am not going to walk actually to delhi, ok?
its just that i plan to add up all my walking kilometers and feel thrilled that i walked that much, and had i walked to some place and not just in my house, round and round like a chekku maadu, i would have walked to delhi... something like that. you ken?