Friday, April 15, 2011


Bougainvillea are among my favourite flowers. I am desperate to have a whole wall covered with bougainvillea of all colors possible. I look with longing at all those houses which have these creepers climbing walls, other trees, the trellis on the compound walls everything in sight. And wonder when my garden would look like that. It takes time you know; years, in fact. I have made a start. About 6 months ago i bought about six plants, randomly picked really. I relied entirely on the lady in the plant nursery selling the plants re the color of the flowers. She told me, this is white. and white it was. the plant bloomed a month ago, and i was delighted to find white flowers. Another plant also flowered, the ubiquitous majantha colour. Since then i have been in an ecstatic expectant state imagining white and majantha flowers blooming majestically over the frangipani tree onto which the bougainvillea plants are slowly climbing.

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