Monday, March 30, 2009

weight loss review

september 2008...that was when i reviewed my weight loss.. and my fans would be wondering why i have been lying low. well for good reason. i havent thought about it thats why! yup! yeah!! yes!!! portion control, exercise, careful eating, counting calories etc has slowly become a part of my life and routine. desire to 'taste' this food or that food, eat "just for taste" has definitely taken a back seat. i have been chugging away at it slowly and steadily.. the proverbial tortoise, that is me.

and the results? good, very good. in fact, great! almost 18 pounds dropped another 18 'only' to go...

fruit and milk for breakfast, phulkas, dal and subji for lunch, snacks mid morning and mid afternoon comprising marie bisc. and tea with sugar free, dinner veggies, fruits and yoghurt..yes to the fried stuff also but in very very tiny quantities.. so life isnt that bad.

i wrote all of the above in march '09!! and forgot all about the draft waiting patiently for me!! but havent forgotten that i want to lose weight. between then and now, i have made a trip to singapore and one to west lafayette.. my daughter's fridge is full of delicious stuff.. but control, control, that was the mantra and i returned from w.l. without putting on an ounce.

well between march and now, that is 8 months down the line, you would expect i would have lost at least 8 lbs? no such luck, and of course i have only myself to blame, dont you know.....but it is not back to 69.5 kgs.. i am , shall we say, "maintaining" at 59.5kgs... yup, ten good kilos gone and good luck to me. my target as you will see on calorie count is 52 kgs.. but that really seems such a long way off...

lately, and that is about a week back, i resumed jogging... and good timing.. monsoons have set in!! i am fed up- but give up i wont. i have been casting around in my mind to discover equally calorie burning activities- indoors, that is important. at the moment going to the gym is not an option. let us leave it at that for the present.. it is not an option.. so what to do? still working on it, meanwhile i have an old stationary bike i sit on and pedal away... not difficult pedalling and all that, i dont want to lose interest in exercising, and it really hurts the seat, you know ? to be sitting and cycling for more than 20 mts at a time... the fat must be fast vanishing from there, i suppose, was not so difficult once upon i time....still, easy cycling uses more energy than just sitting around on your seat right?

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